Want to know how to rank up?

From playing as a professional player and coaching TSM, one of the best teams in the world, I’ve had the privilege of playing and speaking with the best Rocket League players in the world. 

It wasn’t until I started coaching ranked players that I realised something very surprising to me.

I never realised ​how stuck so many people are at their rank.

I never realised the doubt you have probably experienced at how you should improve. Never knew the massive problem of hesitation that seems so frustrating to overcome. Never realised the lack of confidence and the overthinking that ruins gameplay. 

 The biggest surprise to me though, was seeing players focus on the WRONG THINGS to work on. Spending COUNTLESS hours grinding and seeing no improvement in rank.

If you want to know the specific things to work on to rank up, what I think is most important and what my students have used to rank up, enter your email and I'll send you the information.